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Oh, Sisters who were at the FAWN2005, you might be interested to know that one of the young women who attended has been in touch with me. She had never connected to the FilAM community in NYC, so it was her first event. She did not know anyone there...two of her friends sent her the announcement for the conference. She had a wonderful time. In a transitional place herself (turning 30 this weekend...)... she found great comfort and inspiration from what we each shared and offered... Bringing together the diversity of different leadership styles and spirituality, crossing class, regional, religious and spiritual boundaries was an inspiration not only to me, but at least one other Filipina in America. Please give my gratitude and appreciation to the women who worked with you on the event. I continue to deepen into the experience with each passing day.

Congratulations for putting FAWN 2005 together!

Thank you so much for the privilege of participating in this wonderful gathering of Filipina women from various backgrounds and persuasions. It was the first time I was ever in an all Filipina women's gathering and it was a great experience.

Maraming salamat!

The conference was a blast! Thank you for the wonderfully
organized event. It was a pleasure and an honor to be in the company
of so many wonderful women. The speakers shared both their hearts
and great information. Also please thank all the organizers and
volunteers - Great Job!

Dear Sisters,

Good hearing from you...I also want to say thanks to all for the great time of meeting you all and being in your company during our panel. It always makes our struggle more visible and concrete to me when we're all gathered, us ladies from varying backgrounds, yet united in wanting to move the Peminist movement foreward. RIght on!

I sure hope we all stay in touch.

I had a great time at the event -- and I look forward to keep going with this organization!!!! ---Nina

It was great meeting you last week! I can't tell you how greatful I am to find out something spiritual like this existed for Fil women leaders.

...It was so great to meet you all this past weekend at the FAWN conference. Thank you for sharing your stories and “words of wisdom”. The work you are doing is amazing and is of great valuable for our community. More power to you in all your endeavors.

I hope that we can keep in touch and possibly work together again in the future.

Philippine News Article, June 8, 2005

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